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Re: CVS HEAD currently broken on OSX

From: Randal L. Schwartz
Subject: Re: CVS HEAD currently broken on OSX
Date: 17 Sep 2005 05:34:30 -0700
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>>>>> "Eli" == Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> writes:

Eli> Please also make sure that tmm-menu works in both --without-x
Eli> and --with-x builds, and shows the keyboard bindings for
Eli> the menu items in both cases.  This was the reason for having
Eli> xmenu.c compile in all builds.

Ahh, tmm.  That thing I never use, but invoke accidentally all the
time.  Just confirmed works --without-x (carbon mode), but I threw
away the --with-x binary, and not sure I have time to build it before
I travel this morning.

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