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Proposed change to flyspell-mode

From: Joe Casadonte
Subject: Proposed change to flyspell-mode
Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2005 08:40:15 -0400
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Emacs version: 21.2.1

Problem: `flyspell-highlight-duplicate-region' does not have a
mechanism to ignore duplicate words as
`flyspell-highlight-incorrect-region' does, and it could/should.

Details: I am trying to integrate flyspell into TNT, an AOL IM clone
for Emacsen.  I want to spell-check the message as it's being typed,
but ignore any previous messages.  By using `flyspell-incorrect-hook'
I have it successfully ignoring what I want it to, except when it
comes up against a duplicate misspelled word.  Here, flyspell does not
go through the same functions to highlight the word, so there is no
hook to call, and the word gets highlighted.

I can control this, of course, by using advice, or perhaps by making
`flyspell-duplicate-distance' buffer-local and then modifying it.  But
a cleaner way would be for `flyspell-highlight-duplicate-region' to
have its own hook to call similar to `flyspell-incorrect-hook'.


Joe Casadonte

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