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Re: support for rxvt-unicode in rxvt.el

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: support for rxvt-unicode in rxvt.el
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 13:25:22 -0400
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>> The up, down, right and left key should be set from the rxvt-unicode
>> terminfo entry, so you don't need those define-keys. So if you just add
>> the color setting code to rxvt.el then everything should work.  Can you
>> verify that the above is indeed true?  IMHO it is better to avoid code
>> duplication...

> I perfectly agree with you here; I've already tested it without
> defining the sequences for the cursor keys, and, as expected, Emacs
> gets them from the terminfo entry.  I have added them only for
> symmetry with the existing code in rxvt.el and xterm.el.  If there is
> no good reason, the existing definitions for the cursor keys in
> rxvt.el and xterm.el could be deleted.

Such key sequences have been added to xterm.el because at some point they've
been found to be necessary.  Maybe nowadays they're redundant.  If they're
not necessary for rxvt.el, better not add them.  Removing them from xterm.el
is more delicate since we'd need to know for sure that they're
always unnecessary, otherwise we might (re)introduce bugs.

        Stefan "who doesn't know whether they may actually be necessary in
                rxvt.el in some cases"

PS: Before I can install your patch, I need for someone to tell me whether
I can do it: OT1H it seems you haven't signed any legal paperwork, OTOH your
code is just a copy of code from xterm.el.  Can I just install it as a "tiny

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