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Re: [PATCH] my first patch for emacs

From: Marcin Antczak
Subject: Re: [PATCH] my first patch for emacs
Date: Sun, 25 Sep 2005 22:49:54 +0200

Dnia 14-09-2005, śro o godzinie 16:54 +0200, Marcin Antczak napisał(a):
> Hi!
> This is my first patch I created for emacs - so, be gentle...
> This provides better test procedure when trying to build emacs from cvs
> without bootstrap.

RMS sent me mail with question about what my patch does better.
So, sorry for delay and here is my explanation.

With current code you can have _any single_ *.elc file in lisp directory
and make will think that everything is ok and you don't need to run make

So, then emacs will not build because errors will show a while later.

With my code - Makefile will try to test if there is a minimal set
of .elc files available to build minimal emacs-bootstrap binary.

Of course after a little while I think that I should also add more files
to this list, because with files defined in ${lisp} variable you
propably will be able to build emacs-bootstrap but still face problems
when trying to build binaries from ./lib-src...

Anyway now you know what was my idea, and if I find a while to think
about again I'll try to prepare something better.


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