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Re: Shall we use etc/images more?

From: Bill Wohler
Subject: Re: Shall we use etc/images more?
Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2005 17:40:04 -0700

Regarding my last message about rehoming *all* of the images, I have the
following specific proposal.

Because the changes are large, I would like permission from the Emacs
royals before proceeding. Otherwise, I'll just move the MH-E images
(which, by the way, do not appear to be in use by other packages within

1. Move *all* of the images from lisp, lisp/toolbar, and lisp/mail to

2. Rename any file with an underscore to one with a dash and update
   affected source files (affects MH-E, Gnus, info.el, tool-bar.el).

3. Move the gud-* files to etc/images/gud, strip the gud- prefix, and
   update lisp/progmodes/gud.el.

4. Move the sb-* files to etc/images/speedbar, strip the sb- prefix, and
   update lisp/speedbar.el.

5. Because tool-bar.el will be the only file left in the lisp/toolbar
   directory, move it to lisp and delete lisp/toolbar.

These changes will affect other third-party packages. Because we're
making a major release, this should be acceptable I'd definitely update
NEWS with the specifics.

Bill Wohler <address@hidden>  http://www.newt.com/wohler/  GnuPG ID:610BD9AD
Maintainer of comp.mail.mh FAQ and MH-E. Vote Libertarian!
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