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Re: New function for gdb-ui.el?

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: New function for gdb-ui.el?
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2005 09:25:26 +1300

 > > Is it a good idea to add the function below to gdb-ui.el now/ever?
 > FWIW, I think it's a good idea.
 > Perhaps it would also be a good idea to run `until' by simply clicking
 > in the fringe.

At the moment gud-until is on the tool-bar (execution continues to point) but
clicking with mouse-1 in the fringe sets/clears a breakpoint.  In the display
margin, mouse-3 toggles an existing breakpoint.  I would like to do that in
the fringe too, but currently I dont think you can give bitmaps properties
in Emacs (I use text properties for the breakpoint icons in the margin).

In the implementation that I gave, I required the drag to start from the
overlay because I thought it was a potentially dangerous feature but I could
relax that I guess and just look at where the drag finishes.


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