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Re: New function for gdb-ui.el?

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: New function for gdb-ui.el?
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2005 19:33:54 +1300 (NZDT)

 > > At the moment gud-until is on the tool-bar (execution continues to point)
 > > but clicking with mouse-1 in the fringe sets/clears a breakpoint.  In the
 > > display margin, mouse-3 toggles an existing breakpoint.  I would like to
 > > do that in the fringe too, but currently I dont think you can give
 > > bitmaps properties in Emacs (I use text properties for the breakpoint
 > > icons in the margin).
 > Can't you put the property on the "invisible" character that you add
 > to show the bitmap?

I don't think there is an "invisible" character in the fringe.  I discussed
this briefly with you at the start of the year (Fringe/margin issues).  
(posn-string posn) always returns nil in the fringe.

 > > In the implementation that I gave, I required the drag to start from the
 > > overlay because I thought it was a potentially dangerous feature but I
 > > could relax that I guess and just look at where the drag finishes.
 > I think it is a good design to require that you start the drag with the
 > current overlay arrow -- of course, you can refine it by also defining
 > a drag-mouse-1 event which does mouse tracking and moves the overlay arrow
 > as you drag the mouse...

It would also help if the buffer scrolled when you drag past the mode line
while in the fringe, just as it does in the text area.


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