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RE: Start value in minibuffer [Was: opening /tmp//foo doesn't work.]

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Start value in minibuffer [Was: opening /tmp//foo doesn't work.]
Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2005 14:57:38 -0800

    I do not like that decision either. GUI applications at least
    on w32 use to select a field when you enter it. Maybe there is a
    chance to rethink this decision after the release. Could such
    things be put in the TODO list?

It's not clear which decision you are referring to. I was speaking of the
decision to deprecate INITIAL-VALUE insertion (in favor of using only DEF).
It sounds like you're arguing for preselection of an initial value.

IOW, there are two questions:

1. Can INIT-VALUE be reinstated as a legitimate (i.e. not disrecommended)
2. Can preselection of an initial value be provided (e.g. as an option)?

In my post, I was considering #1 to be a precondition to #2, because of the
mention of "start value" by the OP. However, preselection could,
alternatively, be applied to the default value pulled in by M-n. That might
be something people would agree to.

I've asked for #1 before, and I don't expect any turnaround on that
question. The most we can hope for in that regard, I think, is a user option
to control the behavior, such as the one I mentioned.

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