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Help buffer key bindings

From: Lennart Borgman
Subject: Help buffer key bindings
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2005 23:58:12 +0100
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Two things:

*** 1) On EmacsWiki I found this suggestion:

Bind "l" to help-go-back in help-mode, to make it behave a tiny bit more like info mode.

(add-hook 'help-mode-hook (lambda () (define-key help-mode-map "l" 'help-go-back)))

Maybe binding "l" to help-go-back is a good thing?

*** 2) A while ago we discussed S-TAB in the help buffer. On w32 this still moves forward. I think it should move backward. Was there any decision on this? How does it work on other platforms?

I remember I did not quite understand what was happening. It seems like S-TAB is interpreted as just TAB on w32. Since other applications (for example Firefox) recognices S-TAB it looks a bit like a bug.

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