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Re: flyspell bug [possible patch]

From: Agustin Martin
Subject: Re: flyspell bug [possible patch]
Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2005 15:53:16 +0100
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On Wed, Nov 23, 2005 at 10:58:43PM -0500, Richard M. Stallman wrote:
> I asked Eli Z to install your patch.  But could you provide a change log
> explaining the changes?

A short summary can be something like

(flyspell-external-point-words) Improve misspelling match reliability. Warn
                                about non found misspellings
(flyspell-large-region)  No longer needs setting ispell-parser to tex in TeX 

This is a verbose summary of the changes, so the above can be improved:

 *  (flyspell-external-point-words) Consider a misspelling as found in the
    string search if any of:

    (a) misspelling and found string lengths match
    (b) misspelling is found as element in a boundary-chars separated
        longer string (possible boundary-chars mismatch)
    (c) ispell-program-name is really ispell and misspelling is found as
        part of a TeX string (in base mode ispell considers the beginning of
        some of those TeX strings a nroff sequences and strips them when
        writing, thus producing not-found misspellings or, worse, bad
        unsyncs. Setting mode to TeX produces other problems).
    After successful match move beginning of search region to end of match

    Warn about not found misspellings once the process is done. (This
    should mostly affect ispell when ispell dict allows more >7bit chars
    than those in (not-)casechars (or are passed to ispell via -w) and 
    there are words in the text with them.
 *  (flyspell-large-region) Do not set ispell-parser to tex if in TeX mode.
    This is no longer needed for (flyspell-external-point-words) and has
    some drawbacks when real ispell is used and TeX files use an 8bit
> Also, I think a few more comments are needed in the new code
> to make it really clear.

I am attaching a new version of the patch, slightly simplified, just move
always to end of match if a misspelling is considered found by any of (a),
(b) or (c). In the only case (a) where end of word was used, both end of
match and end of word should be the same, so seems simpler to use end of
match for all.

I have added some extra comments, but you might want to add some more. I
also left the coments about

;; Here there used to be ...



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