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RE: Buffer listing in multiple frames/ttys

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Buffer listing in multiple frames/ttys
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2005 09:16:04 -0800

    >   * buff-menu.el (list-buffers-noselect): Display the selected
    >       frame's buffer list, not the global one.
    > Any objections?
    Applied.  (This was my first Emacs commit, look out for breakage.)
The original email on this spoke only of doing this for tty, IIUC.  I don't use 
Emacs as tty, so I didn't object. The change seems to affect general Emacs use, 

I was about to object now, thinking that this would show only the buffers that 
had been selected in the given frame, but, trying it, I see that it still shows 
all buffers in non-tty Emacs (which is good, for me).

Function `buffer-list' (which supplies the buffer list to 
`list-buffers-noselect') lists all buffers - it just puts those for the given 
frame first. So, this change makes the buffer-menu order be different, 
depending on what frame you call it from. For people, like me, who use 
pop-up-frames = t, this means that the order is usually different, depending on 
what _buffer_ you call it from.

I can live with that reordering behavior, I guess. But, it might be best if, as 
before, the same order were used for the buffer menu, regardless of which frame 
you call it from. I'm not sure about that (hence, "might be") - what do others 

I'm also curious how this change actually fixes the problem reported for tty - 
doesn't function `buffer-list' still list all buffers, so that all get listed 
in the buffer menu? I don't see where the code does anything different for the 
tty case.

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