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Re: custom-save-variables: Unknown requested feature: nil

From: Luc Teirlinck
Subject: Re: custom-save-variables: Unknown requested feature: nil
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 14:25:08 -0600 (CST)

David Reitter wrote:

   I've started getting an "Unknown requested feature: nil" message when  
   doing "Save Options" (via custom-save-all, custom-save-variables).

   I don't know what caused it. The below change makes the message go  
   away, but it's quite possibly not the right fix.

That `:require nil' came from the following change by Stefan Monnier
on 2002-09-13:

     * simple.el: Provide `simple'.
     (transient-mark-mode, line-number-mode, column-number-mode):
     Pass an explicit `:require nil' argument.

I do not know the reason for that change.  Apart from the listed
variables, size-indication-mode also has the `:require nil' (also in



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