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Re: bootstrap problem with union Lisp_Object

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: bootstrap problem with union Lisp_Object
Date: Tue, 06 Dec 2005 11:20:08 -0500
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>> The argument of *any* macro should be free of side effects.
> Not necessarily.

Like everything, there are exceptions, of course.  But then people who come
and want to change the macro suffer.  I know because I've added an `eassert
(INTEGERP (x))' to the XINT macro (as you may have noticed by looking at
some of the commits I've done a while back).

So please, just move side effects out of macro arguments, even if they don't
hurt with the current definition of the macro.

> Making macros safe on side effects is usually not hard,

Try it with asserts (and without GCC extensions, of course).


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