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Re: address@hidden: weird behavior of ediff with multiple displays]

From: Michael Kifer
Subject: Re: address@hidden: weird behavior of ediff with multiple displays]
Date: Tue, 06 Dec 2005 21:10:05 -0500

It's a mystery. I have no idea where this minibuffer frame is coming
from. It wasn't requested by ediff either.
In fact, I am pretty confident that this is an Emacs bug, not Ediff's.
If you try your routine:
emacs-cvs -Q -q --display :0.0 --eval '(make-frame-on-display "localhost:10.0")
through an ssh tunnel, as you described, but instead of using ediff try to
eval this:

   '(name . "FOOBAR")
   '(minibuffer . nil)
   '(user-position . t)
   '(vertical-scroll-bars . nil)
   '(menu-bar-lines . 0) 
   '(tool-bar-lines . 0)
   '(auto-lower . nil)
   '(auto-raise . t)
   '(visibility . nil)
   '(width . 1) '(height . 1)))

then when the dust settles you will see an unrequested minibuffer frame as
well. In fact, the FOOBAR frame doesn't show up at all, but only the
unrequested minibuffer.


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> Subject: weird behavior of ediff with multiple displays
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> Has anyone seen the following beahavior from ediff while running on
> multiple displays (not multiple screens of the same display):
> While logged in remotely through SSH with X tunnelling turned on, I
> execute (details: Solaris 2.7, :0.0 is local display, localhost:10.0
> is SSH tunneled display):
> emacs-cvs -Q -q --display :0.0 --eval '(make-frame-on-display 
> "localhost:10.0")
> Now in the resulting window that pops out on localhost:10.0 (remote
> display) I execute "M-x ediff RET file1 RET file2".  What I get on the
> localhost:10.0 display is the usual ediff control frame PLUS a weird
> wide and narrow (one or two lines tall) *Minibuf-0* frame (a dedicated
> minibuffer frame!?!?) that I definitely did not ask for.
> I have seen this happen over many versions of CVS Emacs, with remote
> machine being a WinXP box with an X server, or a Linux box (ancient
> Mandrake, if it matters), so I am pretty sure it's an Emacs ediff
> "feature".
> Interestingly, if I start emacs-cvs by hand with localhost:10.0
> display and then make-frame-on-display on :0.0, the effect
> disappears---it seems to matter which display was opened first.
> Any ideas would be welcome.  How do I debug this?  Can anyone
> reproduce this?
>           --Boris
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