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RE: Buffer listing in multiple frames/ttys

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Buffer listing in multiple frames/ttys
Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2005 16:03:17 -0800

    > I'd repeat, though, that it would make sense for the default
    > value of the option to come from the value of pop-up-frames:
    >         I still believe that most people who use
    >         pop-up-frames = t will want to set this option
    >         to nil (so, they would prefer that that
    >         behavior be the default for non-nil pop-up-frames),
    >         but I don't
    >         mind setting the option to get the old behavior.
    > That way, people who use one-buffer-per-frame-by-default
    > would not need to change anything, beyond setting
    > pop-up-frames = t. I think that covers most
    > (but not all) people who set pop-up-frames = t.

    I still don't understand the need for a new option for
    configuration.  When a new frame is created due to pop-up-frames=t, its
    frame-local buffer-list contains exactly one buffer which is the current
    buffer.  So (buffer-list) is an exact equivalent of (buffer-list t).

I have trouble following this thread, because there are apparently multiple
changes being made now, some of which are bug fixes. The original discussion
that interested me concerned the problem of using the frame-local buffer
list, instead of the global list, for Buffer Menu. One bug involved
inappropriate additions to a frame's local buffer list. I don't know if
fixing that bug takes care of my concern or not - frankly, I'm a bit lost

I believe that Karoly is on top of it all, however. He understands my
original concern, so I'm sure he'll DTRT wrt pop-up-frames. I'm OK with
whatever is done to take my original concern into account. IOW, I don't care
if there is a new option to take care of it, or a bug fix, or whatever it
takes. I just don't want the order of the buffers in the Buffer Menu to
change drastically, depending on which buffer (frame) I call it from. I
would like to be able to treat the Buffer Menu's chronological sort as a
global ordering, which ignores the frame residence of buffers altogether.

WRT one-buffer-per-frame: I mentioned one-buffer-per-frame-_by-default_. I
do change buffers in a given frame, so the local buffer list does change.
The behavior I described is generally one buffer _at a time_ per frame (but
I do occasionally use more than one window (buffer) at a time). In any case,
I never care about the different chronological buffer orderings in different

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