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RE: customize-apropos

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: customize-apropos
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2005 07:07:16 -0800

       Using a documented `C-u' with a standard command is not some
       bizarre expert behavior. If this is not intended for users,
       then let's get rid of the `C-u' option. I vote to keep it
       and clarify the Custom-buffer messages accordingly, but if
       people think this `C-u' behavior is something for
       experts only, then let's get rid of it.

    Because you can use a prefix arg does not mean that you have to use
    it.  Would the following patch help clear up your misconceptions?

You tell me. It is you who defines my "misconceptions". A new variant of
"Have you finally stopped beating your wife"?

Wrt the doc and C-u behavior - are we now in the game of "You can do this;
DON'T do it!!"? If so, I have nothing special to offer on how best to say
that. I would suggest, instead, to pick one or the other. Experts don't need
this (C-u) any more than regular users.

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