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bad mailer Subject meddling (was: links in Help buffer aren't always cor

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bad mailer Subject meddling (was: links in Help buffer aren't always correct)
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2005 07:39:25 -0800

    -----Original Message-----
    Subject: Re: address@hidden: links in Help

    Drew, could you please do something about your #$%^&* mailer? Look how
    it butchers the Subject lines when it thinks they are too long: it
    removes whitespace and splices words, which makes it a pain to read
    and use "C-c C-n" in Rmail.

Sorry, I don't know how to fix that in Outlook. I use Outlook 2000, for
various reasons related to work. It's old, but still a very common (the most
common?) email client in use. I don't defend it, but it's the one I use.

If it produces brain-dead subject lines, but it is a very common mailer,
maybe Rmail's C-c C-n could somehow deal with it by adding extra
intelligence to handle the retarded output ;-)?  No flames please - I don't
even know what C-c C-n does, and I'm not proposing that good, free programs
bend to the idiosyncrasies of bad MS products.  I can also try to remember
to edit the Subject line, to shorten it - but that will mess up sorting
messages by Subject. Another alternative is, sad to say, using the Delete
key on posts from Drew.

Another problem I noticed with Outlook, BTW, is that even if I set the
format explicitly to "plain text", when I reply to a Unicode post the result
appears formatted. In that case, at least, I found a workaround (provided I
notice it in time): explicitly change the encoding of the message from

On a related subject: Unlike the posts to emacs-devel, bug reports get the
original sender's email address (e.g. "address@hidden") prepended
to the subject line, as in this one (but I removed that). That makes the
subject much longer (m u c h  longer, in some cases). Is that "feature"
really necessary or a good idea?

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