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New Penny Stock Report

From: Neal Morrow
Subject: New Penny Stock Report
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2005 11:06:40 -0600

Massive St0ck Alert For Friday December 16th
The Solvis Group 
$10.6 Million in Revenues in Fourth Quarter Ended Sept. 30, 2005 (Source: News 

Price: .07

Huge PR Campaign For Friday's Trading **SLVG** Is it Going to Explode Higher 
From Here? If You Think So, Climb On Board!!

RECENT NEWS: Go Read The Full Stories Right Now!!

1)The Solvis Group Announces $10.6 Million in Revenues in Fourth Quarter Ended 
Sept. 30, 2005
2)The Solvis Group Announces Plans to Distribute Global Food Technologies Stock 
to Its Shareholders
3)The Solvis Group Strategic Alliance Agreement With SSL Expected to Provide 
$25 Million in Additional Revenues in 90 Days

Watch This One Trade on Friday! Huge Revenues for a Little Stock, Right? Radar 
it Right Now...... Go SLVG.

Hey, emacs-devel
!nformat!on w!th!n th!s ema!l conta!ns 4rward l00k!ng statements w!th!n 
themean!ng of Sect!on 27A of the Secur!t!es Act 
of n!neteen th!rty three andSect!on 21B of the Secur!t!es Exchange Act of 
n!neteen th!rty four. Anystatements that express 
or !nvolve d!scuss!ons w!th respect to pred!ct!ons,expectat!ons, bel!efs, 
plans, project!ons, object!ves, goals, 
assumpt!ons orfuture events or performance are not statements of h!stor!cal 
fact and maybe 4rward 1o0k!ng statements.4rward 
look!ng statements are based onexpectat!ons, est!mates and project!ons at the 
t!me the statements are madethat !nvolve a 
number of r!sks and uncerta!nt!es wh!ch could cause actualresults or events to 
d!ffer mater!ally from those presently 
ant!c!pated. Asw!th many m!crocap st0cks, today's company has d!sclosable 
mater!al !temsyou need to cons!der !n order 
to make an !nformed and !ntell!gent!n_vestment dec!s!on. These !tems !nclude: A 
nom!nal cash pos!t!on and a go!ng 
concern op!n!on from !ts aud!tor.  !t !s an operat!ng Company. The company !s 
go!ng to need f!nanc!ng. !f that f!nanc!ng 
does not occur, the company may not be able to cont!nue as a go!ng concern !n 
wh!ch case you could lose your ent!re 
!n-vestment.  The publ!sher of th!s newsletter does not represent that the 
!nformat!on conta!ned !n th!s  message states 
all mateal facts or does not om!t a mater!al fact necessary  to make the 
statements there!n not m!slead!ng. 
All !nformat!on prov!ded w!th!n th!s e_ma!l perta!n!ng to !n-vest!ng, st0cks, 
secur!t!es must be understood as !nformat!on 
prov!ded and not !nvestment adv!ce. Remember a thorough due d!l!gence  effort, 
!nclud!ng a rev!ew of a company's 
f!l!ngs when ava!lable, should be completed  pr!or to !n_vest!ng. The publ!sher 
of th!s newsletter adv!ses all readers 
and subscr!bers to seek adv!ce from a reg!stered profess!onal secur!t!es 
representat!ve before dec!d!ng to trade !n 
st0cks featured w!th!n th!s e_ma!l. None of the mater!al w!th!n th!s report 
shall be construed as any k!nd of !n_vestment 
adv!ce or sol!c!tat!on. Many of these compan!es are on the verge of bankruptcy. 
You can lose all your mony by !nvest!ng 
!n th!s st0ck. The publ!sher of th!s newsletter !s not a reg!stered !n-vestment 
adv!s0r. Subscr!bers should not v!ew 
!nformat!on here!n as legal, tax, account!ng or !nvestment adv!ce. !n 
compl!ance w!th the Secu!t!es 
Act of n!neteen th!rty three, Sect!on 17(b),The publ!sher of th!s newsletter 
!scontracted to rece!ve twenty th0usand 
d0l1ars from a th!rd party, not an off!cer, d!rector or aff!l!ate shareh0lder 
for the !rculat!on of th!s report. 
Be aware of an !nherent confl!ct of !nterest result!ng from such compensat!on 
due to the fact that th!s !s a pa!d 
advert!sement and !s not w!thout b!as.The party that pays us has a pos!t!on !n 
the st0ck they w!ll sell at any t!me 
w!thout not!ce. Th!s could have a negat!ve !mpact on the pr!ce of the st0ck, 
caus!ng you to lose mony.The!r !ntent!on !s to sell. 
All factual !nformat!on !n th!s report was gathered from publ!c sources, 
!nclud!ng but not l!m!ted to  Company Press Releases. 
Use of the !nformat!on !n th!s ema!l const!tutes your acceptance of these terms.

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