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Re: GTK file selector

From: Xavier Maillard
Subject: Re: GTK file selector
Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2005 21:37:07 +0100
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   From: J?r?me Marant <address@hidden>
   Cc: address@hidden

   >> Catching-up with Emacs is only necessary because Emacs APIs do
   >> change, are enriched, and mode authors who mostly use Emacs update
   >> their software accordly.
   > Sure, and your point was?  We don't change Emacs just for fun, but to
   > improve it, for users as well as developers.  And catching-up means
   > passing on those improvements.

   OK, I'm going to explain my point.  No offence meant.

   For end users -- that is, people who use the text editor as a text
   editor and are not spending time customizing the editor nor editing
   the editor -- (and being myself an end user) there is not anything
   really new to expect from Emacs 22.

The main point is that GNU Emacs is not _just_ a text editor. GNU Emacs is
more and more stable, it will provide updates for many modes including gnus,
it will provide many new modes such as EMMS, it will provide bug fixes, ...

This is what a release should provide: enhancements, new features, stability
and bug fixes.

   Emacs still does not have the necessary features for competing with
   bare text editors (I'm not talking about displaying images, reading
   mail or chating with irc).

Hum, I do not see what features you are talking. Emacs is by far the most
advanced text editor providing all the coolest features one can expect from
such a software.

   And let's be honest, Emacs is not going to provide any of the nice
   features that Eclipse provides these days.

Can you enumerate few of these nice features ?


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