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RE: toolbar conventions

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: toolbar conventions
Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2005 11:58:49 -0800

       Please note that there was a fairly thorough discussion of
       exactly this topic on the emacs-pretest list between 2005-01-22 and
       2005-01-27 (hence the log comment by RMS on 1-30).

    A discussion, no matter how thorough, does not update all docs and

Of course not. I agree with everything you said in your message, BTW. My
point was simply to inform people of the previous discussion.

I personally feel that this question should be decided _after_ the release,
and we should, for now, just revert to the use of "option" only for user
variables. (Yes, that reversion requires some changes to doc.)

Why wait? Because it is likely, I hope, that we will change some of the
Customize interface for the next (e.g. 22.2 or 23.1) release, and those
changes might have some bearing on the discussion of such terminology.

Richard instead wants to discuss and decide the terminology question now.
Either way, it can be helpful for people to review the previous discussion.

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