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Re: savehist and multiple Emacs sessions

From: Hrvoje Niksic
Subject: Re: savehist and multiple Emacs sessions
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2005 08:52:48 +0100
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Stefan Monnier <address@hidden> writes:

> So I think it's worth it to make savehist.el handle such situations
> better.

I agree.  I don't have time to thoroughly review the patch right now,
but I trust that you got it right.

The only thing I disagree with is the resurrection of `savehist-load'.
The docstring of that function declares it as obsolete, yet you
improve it and call it.  `savehist-load' is supposed to only migrate
the history data of old XEmacs users of savehist, who have
(savehist-load) in their init files.  The new way to load the history
is supposed to be `(savehist-mode 1)'.

BTW with the new semantics of savehist-loaded, you might want to
rename it to savehist-load-time or something like that.

> It's only be lightly tested.  It also includes the changes to the
> minor mode definition that make it handle Custom setting slightly
> better and which make it run the minor mode hook in the same way as
> all other minor modes defined by define-minor-mode.

This breaks savehist under XEmacs and Emacs 21.4, which I use.

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