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Re: Bug, probably related to Custom Themes.

From: Chong Yidong
Subject: Re: Bug, probably related to Custom Themes.
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2005 13:31:34 -0500
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Luc Teirlinck <address@hidden> writes:

> I assume that `inhibit-splash-screen' is at its standard setting (nil).
> Toggle.  Save for future sessions.  Erase Customization.  Result:
> (custom-reset-variables
>  '(inhibit-splash-screen nil))
> is written into one's Custom file, just before the
> custom-set-variables form.  First of all, I do not know what those
> lines are trying to accomplish, but what we just did is supposed to be
> a no-op.  Therefore if that code does _anything_, it is a bug.

Why is it a bug?  You did click on "Save for future sessions", which
writes the customizations to .emacs.  The tooltip for "Erase
Customization" says "Un-customize all values in this buffer" (i.e.,
the Custom buffer).  I wouldn't expect this to write to .emacs.

>  If it does nothing, why is it there?

If you mean the "Erase Customization" button, I assume it's to reset
all the items in the Custom buffer to their default (uncustomized)
values.  This does not imply making them take effect (that's what "Set
For Current Session" and "Save for Future Sessions" is for.)

On the other hand, it's not clear to me what the "Reset to Current"
button is supposed to do.  I'm guessing it resets items to values that
may be changed outside of Customize.  I don't think this serves much
purpose except to confuse newbies, who wouldn't be changing stuff
outside Customize anyway.

Probably "Erase Customization" should be renamed "Reset to Default".

> The following bug is a regression.  It does not occur in Emacs 21.3.

In Emacs 21.3, Erase Customization doesn't write to .emacs either.  (I
really don't see how this issue is related to Custom Themes, btw.)

It would be nice if Custom is smart enough to detect when a variable
is being set back to its default value, and omit that variable in
custom-set-variables.  But this would be a new feature, not a bugfix.

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