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Re: Bug, probably related to Custom Themes.

From: Luc Teirlinck
Subject: Re: Bug, probably related to Custom Themes.
Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2005 13:38:00 -0600 (CST)

Richard Stallman wrote:

   Please don't exaggerate the negative.  Despite the existence of a few
   bugs such as this one, the custom themes code basically works.

Its basic design is completely flawed, for the reasons I explained.

   Now we'll fix this bug, and it will work even better.

Suppose the bug I reported would be fixed.  That would not be the end
of the trouble.  

After selecting "Erase Customization", the State button will still say
"SAVED and set" (instead of the expected "STANDARD") and the "Erase
Customization" part of the State Menu will still be active.  (It
should _not_ be, since it will have no further effect when selected
again.)  All of this is very confusing to the user.  When a value is
set by a theme, the State button should not say "SAVED and set" and
the "Erase Customization" part of the State menu should not be
enabled.  Better than "SAVED and set" would be "STANDARD", still better
"THEME value".  Themes should set the standard-value property, not the
saved-value one and they should set the Custom state to 'standard, or
even better 'theme, not to 'saved.

With the current Themes code, any attempt to fix bugs in the Themes
code can badly mess up Custom for everybody, including people who do
not use Themes at all.  (It _did_ happen in the case of the bug I
reported.)  This should not happen.  The Themes code should be in a
separate file, which is not even loaded if you do not use themes.  It
should not be intertwined with Custom as it is now.




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