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GtkPlug patch

From: Timo Savola
Subject: GtkPlug patch
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2005 01:09:42 +0200


I wanted to add XEmbed[1] support to Emacs and noticed that it's really
easy to accomplish with the new GTK support.  The attached patches
implement that:

        Add the --parent-id command-line option to set the parent-id
        frame option (which was already implemented).

        For some reason x-create-frame resets parent_desc to the root
        window after first setting it according to the parent-id
        option.  This patch removes that seemingly redundant assignment.

        Creates a GtkPlug instead of GtkWindow when parent_desc is set.

I created the patches against the CVS version dated 2005-12-19 because I
failed to "make bootstrap" for HEAD (batch-update-autoloads failed at

embedder.py is a PyGTK test program that can be used with command:
        ./embedder.py path/to/patched/emacs

I'm looking forward to getting this feature into Emacs.  Please
criticize my implementation (I've never hacked Emacs before) or provide
instructions if I can do something more to help.

(Please put me to CC when replying.)


[1] http://freedesktop.org/Standards/xembed-spec

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