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Re: Right Alt/Meta keys on Windows systems

From: Lennart Borgman
Subject: Re: Right Alt/Meta keys on Windows systems
Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2005 18:27:00 +0100
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Paul Michael Reilly wrote:

I currently find myself having to use Windows/XP for a short while.
My first action was to install cygwin and rebuild the latest CVS Emacs
snapshot.  Much to my chagrin, it would appear that the ancient
Windows right Alt/Meta key problem still exists (the right Alt key is
NOT a Meta modifier key as is the left one).  I searched the devel
archives and it would appear that either I missed the solution or it
is still an unsolved problem.  Is it possible that there is still no
easy solution (editing the registry does not qualify as an easy
solution, IMHO)?  If so, could someone please state or provide a
reference to the issues so I can decide which of the problem or the
cure is the more painful to me.
The problem is still there. I proposed a solution quite a while ago but it was decided that it was too close to next release of Emacs. In the mean time I have a patch for this which I and I believe others have been using since this summer. Go to


to find out more about my patch. You can find binaries there with and without this patch. Last patched version is from 2005-12-18 (there is actually one from 12-25 too I believe but I have not had time to move it to its final location yet).

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