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Re: Rationale for this change?

From: Bill Wohler
Subject: Re: Rationale for this change?
Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2005 23:45:38 -0800
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David Kastrup <address@hidden> writes:

> Simon Josefsson <address@hidden> writes:
>> David Kastrup <address@hidden> writes:
>>> 2005-12-05  Ralf Angeli  <address@hidden>
>>>     * mail/smtpmail.el (smtpmail-try-auth-methods):
>>>     Send credentials together with "AUTH PLAIN" command.
>>> Could you shed any light on what problem this change is intended to
>>> fix?
>> The AUTH PLAIN command is not sent if the server did not advertise
>> support for AUTH PLAIN.  See RFC 2554.  The earlier behavior violated
>> a SHOULD in RFC 2222 § 5.1.
>> So security-wise, it is not worse than before.
> Ah, ok.  I think rationales like that should be mentioned in the
> ChangeLog.  Even if just as "(RFC 2222 § 5.1)".


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