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Re: mouse.el patch for region tracking

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: mouse.el patch for region tracking
Date: Tue, 03 Jan 2006 10:37:41 -0500
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>> I have a question about this part: why do you not delete the overlay when
>> transient-mark-mode is active?

> I guess because the region is still active, so, as normally in
> transient-mark-mode, the active region should remain highlighted until mark
> is deactivated, just as in normal selection.

The region highlighting (when transient-mark-mode is ON) is not done by
mouse-region-overlay, so deleting this overlay shouldn't make
any difference.

> Maybe this isn't necessary.

Indeed AFAICT it shouldn't be necessary, which is why I ask.
If the explicit test is placed there only based on a fear of what might
happen, rather than on actual evidence, then I suggest to remove it.

> One thing bothered me while playing with transient mark mode: 'mouse- 
> region-delete-keys', while nice, is very inconsistent in transient mark
> mode.  If you define a region with the mouse, it works.  If you define
> a region with C-space and then move point, it does not work.  I know the
> name implies this, but the semantics of "mark something yellow, hit the
> delete key" seem fairly intuitive.

Yes, it has many such inconsistencies.  If you want it to be consistent, try
delete-selection-mode.  Otherwise, just kill this ugly beast.


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