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Re: Format av menu keymaps

From: Lennart Borgman
Subject: Re: Format av menu keymaps
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2006 00:57:47 +0100
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Stefan Monnier wrote:

     (when (featurep 'xhtml-help)
       (let ((menu-bar-entry (cdr (assoc 'menu-bar xhtml-help-mode-keymap))))

Rather than `assoc' you should probably use lookup-key.

         (when menu-bar-entry
            (lambda(binding command)
              (let* ((tit-map (appmenu-get-submenu command))
                     (subtitle (car tit-map))
                     (submenu  (cdr tit-map)))
                (define-key map
                  (list 'menu-item
                        subtitle submenu
                        :help "XHTML help access"))))

There's something odd in this code snice for each iteration of map-keymap
you end up rebinding the same key with `define-key' so only ther last one
will have an effect.
Yes, it is odd. I am using map-keymap just to get the 'command'. (There is only one entry in menu-bar-entry.) Is there another way?

I assume `map' is some arbitrary keymap to which you want to add the entries
found in xhtml-help-mode-keymap?

Why do you use `appmenu-get-submenu' to destructure the menu-item only to
rebuild it right after.
The submenu I gave is just an example. I do not know the format of the submenu normally. `appmenu-get-submenu' (see previous message) handles those two formats for a submenu that I have seen. There may be more, but I do not know. Are there more?

I'd just do

     (when (featurep 'xhtml-help)
       (let ((menu-bar-entry (lookup-key xhtml-help-mode-keymap [menu-bar])))
         (when menu-bar-entry
            (lambda (key command)
              (define-key map
                          (vector (intern (concat "nxhtml-" (symbol-name key))))
           (define-key map [nxhtml-nxhtml-help-separator] (list 'menu-item

but maybe that's not what you're trying to do.
It is not exactly what I want to do, but some of the syntax I can surely use, thanks.

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