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Re: thumbs.el and transparency

From: Juanma Barranquero
Subject: Re: thumbs.el and transparency
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2006 12:23:02 +0100

On 1/30/06, Kim F. Storm <address@hidden> wrote:

> E.g. tumme.el (which even the author says is "not complete") was added
> in December 2005 -- who knows when _that_ is ready for release?

I've been hesitating to add a tiny feature^ to bs.el... and suddenly
rcirc.el (75 KiB, 1,672 non-comment, non-blank lines) is included.
Then tumme.el (99 KiB, 1,783 lines). Then erc, with a whopping 35
files, 657 KiB and 13,818 lines of code... Note: I have nothing
against these packages, they seem to be fine pieces of code; it's just
that adding them does not seem very consistent with having a feature

I suppose we're due for another round of the same discussion (or
perhaps not). Sorry, but the old arguments are progressively less and
less convincing to me. I'm unable to find a definition of "freeze"
that's both meaningful and representative of what's happening on the
Emacs CVS trunk.


^Using header-line-format to display the *buffer-selection* header,
instead of (or additionally to) the current method of inserting the
headers as text in the selection buffer.

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