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Re: gud.el organization and adding debuggers

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: gud.el organization and adding debuggers
Date: Thu, 02 Feb 2006 23:34:48 -0500
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>> >> Yes, GUD's support for particular debuggers should be made more modular.
>> >> It should also be possible to have several GUD sessions using different
>> >> debuggers at the same time.
>> > Huh? Currently I have have no problem having several GUD sessions.
>> Really?  And those GUD sessions don't all use the same debugger?
>> Which debuggers do they use?

> Whatever I asked to be debugged. Could be perl's, mdb, bashdb, pydb
> and/or gdb. As I look at my emacs buffer list, I see all of them in
> use right now.


> The two gdb sessions debug different programs and have

Two GDB sessions is fine, since it's twice the same debugger.

> If you're trying to be diadactic, give it up. I wrote "Currently I
> have no problem having serveral GUD sessions", and just take that at
> face value. No doubt there are subtleties I'm missing and perhaps when
> you add into GNU Emacs in whatever it is you are clearly conveying (to
> others), feeble me will see the light and marvel at it.

Well, in my little experince trying to use two different debuggers at the
same time, the problems were not subtle.  But it looks like it's not always
that bad.


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