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Re: ignore mouse-wheel press during rotation

From: Kim F. Storm
Subject: Re: ignore mouse-wheel press during rotation
Date: Sun, 05 Feb 2006 21:51:40 +0100
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Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> writes:

>> From: "Drew Adams" <address@hidden>
>> Date: Sat, 4 Feb 2006 10:20:01 -0800
>> Question: Is it not the case that people only rarely intend to press (e.g.
>> click, to paste) mouse-2 directly after using the wheel?
> I don't see why this should be rare.  It's quite possible that a user
> scrolls the buffer to find the correct place, then yanks some text in
> that place.
>> If so, then shouldn't `mouse-wheel-inhibit-click-time' be (much)
>> larger, by default?

5 minutes? 10 seconds?  How much larger do you think is reasonable?
Even 1 sec would be too much, IMO.

> I don't know.  Kim, could you perhaps tell why you've chosen the
> current default?

I don't remember, but probably I thought that 1/3 sec was a good
compromise between avoiding accidental yank vs. allowing user to yank
after scroll.

Kim F. Storm <address@hidden> http://www.cua.dk

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