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Re: Risky local variable mechanism

From: Chong Yidong
Subject: Re: Risky local variable mechanism
Date: Tue, 07 Feb 2006 21:09:21 -0500
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> You ask not one, but two, questions for _each_ file local variable
> that is not explicitly marked safe, which will mean the vast majority
> of variables.

Maybe, maybe not.  The number of local variables that people are
likely to set is rather limited, and the most commonly-encountered
ones are already in the default value of `safe-local-variables'.  It's
possible that a user may never be asked that question (and when we
need to ask, we should).

Still, it's not difficult to change the code so that we display all
the local variables and ask if you user wants to set them all.  I
guess the decision is up to Richard.

> if one would, for a subsequent Emacs version, _have_ to add
> variables to the default of one of these defcustoms, because these
> variables are obviously safe and often encountered, or much worse,
> obviously extremely dangerous, then any user who customized them in
> the prior version will never get his customized values updated,
> which may be very dangerous, if some very dangerous new variable was
> introduced.

Sorry, you're just being a drama queen here.  The variable in question
is a whitelist of safe variables.

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