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Re: better "pr" with gdb-6.4

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: better "pr" with gdb-6.4
Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2006 16:34:14 +1300

 > Ok, but I would like ppargs to print a short form like this:
 > (load "..." t t t)

The problem is that GDB's output is line buffered so output isn't flushed
until a newline is sent.  This is the also true for the existing command
pp1.  However such commands do work with GDB within Emacs.  For that case
this should work:

define ppargs
  set $i = nargs
  printf "("
  while $i
    set $index = nargs - $i
    pp2 args[$index]
    set $i = $i - 1
    if $i
      printf " "
  printf ")\n"

 > Is it possible to write a macro that would traverse up the C stack and do
 > something sensible for "known functions" like Ffuncall and Feval.

I think it is possible.  I'll try to work something out.


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