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Re: moving point and invisible text

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: moving point and invisible text
Date: Wed, 08 Feb 2006 07:56:49 -0500
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> Would it be difficult to implement this as:

> "However, if a command moved point backward into or to the end of
> invisible text, Emacs moves point backward to the beginning of that
> text.  If a command moved point forward into or to the beginning of
> invisible text, Emacs moves point forward to the end of that text."

The behavior depends on many things: whether the invisible text is replaced
by ellipsis, whether the invisible property is front-sticky and/or
rear-sticky, whether the command made changes to the buffer, ...

My impression is that the text you quoted describes the behavior for
invisible+intangible text rather than just invisible.

> Otherwise I'd change the text to something like:

> "However, if a command ends with point inside invisible text, the main
> editing loop moves point to some position before or after the invisible
> text."

Sounds much more reasonable.  If you want to be more precise, the only thing
that might be worth mentioning is the driving principle behind the code: try
to ensure that a subsequent self-insert-command will insert a visible char.


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