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Re: Copyright years

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: Copyright years
Date: Thu, 09 Feb 2006 02:22:54 -0500

> From: "Richard M. Stallman" <address@hidden>
> Date: Sun, 05 Feb 2006 23:58:08 -0500
> Cc: address@hidden
>     Is the following the correct way to write it?
>     ;; Copyright (C) 2005, 2006 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
> Yes--just add ", 2006" to each and every file's copyright notice.

Why is this required?  I thought the rules said to only do that for
files on which we actually worked in the year 2006.  Suppose there's a
file that wasn't touched in years--why should we pretend that we did
something there in the year 2006?

I'm asking because copyright issues are tricky, and the rules should
be therefore clear and unequivocal, IMHO.  They should also be uniform
across the GNU project's maintainers.

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