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Re: Adding 2006. + VC/PCL-CVS

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: Adding 2006. + VC/PCL-CVS
Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2006 11:07:35 +1300

 > Probably vc-directory does something similar to cvs-quickdir (i.e. it
 > doesn't contact the repository).

Is that true?  The Emacs manual says (about vc-directory):

     Here is an example using CVS:


         -rw-r--r-- (modified) Aug  2  1997 file1.c
         -rw-r--r--            Apr  4 20:09 file2.c
         -rw-r--r-- (merge)    Sep 13  1996 file3.c

     Here `file1.c' is modified with respect to the repository, and
  `file2.c' is not.  `file3.c' is modified, but other changes have also
  been checked in to the repository--you need to merge them with the work
  file before you can check it in.

I have never seen (merge) with vc-directory, but how can it know a merge
is needed without contacting the repository?


P.S I think some of the slowness may have something to do with savannah
as my usual method (command line) of updating is also taking longer.

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