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Re: Display slowness that is painful

From: Richard M. Stallman
Subject: Re: Display slowness that is painful
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2006 23:40:45 -0500

    > Then there's the problem you reported, where redisplay took a few
    > seconds, and that was long enough to be pre-empted by selection
    > requests from Klipper.

    Yes, that is a different problem as such -- but I guess we can
    find other cases where some activity is stalling redisplay when
    redisplay-dont-pause is nil.

This is not exactly a bug in Emacs, it is a bad interaction.  I will
not claim it necessarily indicates a bug in some other program, but I
have a feeling that that is so.  Anyway, we don't know of a case where
it occurs except due to a bug in some other program.

So I think we need not worry about this now.  If and when we find
a case where this happens, and we don't think the other program
is at fault, we can think about what change is needed in Emacs.

    > That is also a serious issue, but it is due to a Klipper bug and we
    > can address it sufficiently by telling users "Update your KDE or don't
    > run Klipper".  Isn't that so?

    That is a work-around for one manifestation of the problem...

Is any other manifestation known?

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