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Re: rcirc changes

From: Ryan Yeske
Subject: Re: rcirc changes
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 21:58:40 -0800

   I didn't like the format rcirc used to show conversations, so I wrote a
   bit of code to allow more customizability; what do you think of the
   following patch?

   Two basic changes:

   (1) add `rcirc-nick-abbrevs' to allow nicknames for nicknames when
       printing :-) -- mainly so I could change how it printed _my_ name,
       which takes up too much space on the screen, but doesn't seem able
       to be changed using existing mechanisms (I can change other users'
       nicknames in bitlbee though).

After running with your installed changes, I realize I don't really
like this particular feature (earlier I said "I like it" after only
reading the patch, not running it, sorry).  It breaks nick-completion
(you still complete the underlying nicks, not abbrev) and it doesn't
deal with nick changes which are abbreviated.  It seems like this is
adding a feature to solve a local problem... if your own nick is too
long, then you can just change it, can't you?

I suggest we remove this feature.

   (2) Rewrite `rcirc-format-response-string' to use a more flexible
       formatting system controlled by the variable `rcirc-response-formats'
       (and change the way `rcirc-print' finds the fill prefix so that it
       works when non-standard formats are used).

This I still like, it easily allows users to customize messages in a
straightforward way.  I do have some improvements which I will post to
the list shortly.


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