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random crashing with bootstrap emacs (cvs) under solaris (SunOS 5.8)

From: Mark Aufflick
Subject: random crashing with bootstrap emacs (cvs) under solaris (SunOS 5.8)
Date: 16 Feb 2006 03:20:18 -0000


I have been trying for some time to get emacs cvs compiled on Solaris.

When I get to the stage of make bootstrap where make autoloads is running

in the lisp directory, the bootstrap emacs crashes (segfault) randomly.

It crashes at a different lisp file each time and I even managed to make

it get all the way through by doing:

while ! make EMACS=../src/bootstrap-emacs compile; do echo 'try

again!'; done

and waiting an hour!

I then had further problems so I bootstrapped the code on a different

(non-solaris) machine.

Now I am getting problems while compiling the quail directory.

I have done a heck of a lot of googling to no avail and before I dig

further into the code I am wondering if anyone here can give me some



Mark Aufflick.

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