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Re: c-mode eats resources?

From: Paul Pogonyshev
Subject: Re: c-mode eats resources?
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2006 13:54:54 +0200
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Luc Teirlinck wrote:
> >From my previous reply:
>    Not really.  After visiting a large file in C mode, I see some CPU
>    time being used, probably to fontify the buffer, but it eventually
>    stops after using only a very few seconds total time (four for alloc.c
>    and maybe those four seconds were not even all used for C mode).
> Well, that is four seconds total _CPU_ time, for visiting alloc.c
> using `emacs -q' on a 1.7GHZ dual Xeon.  Emacs does not run _all_ of
> the time, although a lot, takes a maximum of 3.something CPU and
> finishes in about 3 minutes _clock_ time.  If your machine would be a
> lot slower than mine and/or if your file is a lot larger than alloc.c,
> it could last for much longer than 3 minutes (although your maximum
> CPU usage is about the double of mine, which should halve the clock
> time).
> So the questions are:
> Do you see this in `emacs -q'?
> Do you see it regardless of file size?

OK, that's probably it.  I just didn't expect that it would run for so
long.  Just checked now, it shows the similar pattern and stops after
some minutes.  Sorry for the noise.


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