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CC Mode 5.31.3

From: Alan Mackenzie
Subject: CC Mode 5.31.3
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 18:13:32 +0000 (GMT)

Hi, Emacs!

I've just merged CC Mode 5.31.3 into Emacs's CVS at savannah.

It fixes several serious bugs (most of which were reported directly to
bug-cc-mode), and a few less serious ones too.  This release might even
be stable.

There are still things to do, however:

As agreed with RMS, C-M-[ae] should be be bound to
c-\(beginning\|end\)-of-defun by default, rather than the standard
commands \(beginning\|end\)-of-defun.  These two CC Mode commands could
do with some optimisation, but this seems optional rather than necessary.
This is still to do.  However, it is trivial, involving only drudge work,
mostly in the manual.  It should be there in 5.31.4.

The issues with the Mode Name, and minor mode flags in the mode line are
still unresolved.  On typing M-x smerge-mode, C Mode's flags (the "/la"
of "C/la") now stay with the major mode, but this is done by setting
mode-name to "C/la", a stop-gap solution at best.  This is ugly, and I
don't find it an acceptable solution..

When the mouse is left over the "/la", it still doesn't give sensible
documentation.  This is also still to do.

A solution to both these problems would be to insert an element into
mode-line-format to display c-submode-indicators (the "/la"), and to give
this a doc-string for the mouse.  However, mode-line-format has
traditionally been a write-only variable, in which it is tedious to
locate the place to insert the extra element into[*].  I envisage a
recursive function which tests successive elements of mode-line-format
until it finds mode-name, then inserts c-submode-indicators after it.

[*] that is, tedious to locate in a portable, Emacs version-independent

Has anybody already written such a function, or does anybody have any
better idea how to do it?  Suggestions would be welcome.  :-)

Also, if anybody notices more GUI things missing, please tell me.  I
normally run Emacs in a tty without a mouse, so I'm fairly likely to miss
these missing things.

Alan Mackenzie (Munich, Germany).

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