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Re: command to customize the thing at point?

From: Mathias Dahl
Subject: Re: command to customize the thing at point?
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2006 08:57:57 +0100

>     > How about having a single command that would call customize-face,
>     > customize-option, or customize-group, as appropriate, on the
>     > name at point or under the mouse pointer?
>     In what contexts/places would it be useful?
> Any context in which, today, you might use `customize-face',
> `customize-option', or `customize-group'. These are essentially just
> different manifestations of the same `customize' method applied to different
> kinds of "objects".
> The point is that you're already pointing at the name of the thing in
> question (via point or mouse pointer), and that "object" should "know" what
> the "method" `customize' means to it (to descend to oopspeak).

I think I understand how the command is supposed to work, what I was
curious about was in what situations a user would want to use it. Is
it when reading the manual maybe, having point over a "thing", or
maybe when browsing Emacs lisp code?

I would guess that your answer to the above will be "yes", and "yes,
for example", respectively... :)

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