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RE: key to yank text at point into minibuffer?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: key to yank text at point into minibuffer?
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 07:35:03 -0800

    On 2/23/06, Johan Bockgård <address@hidden> wrote:
    > > (BTW, everyone should have a key bound in the minibuffer to a
    > > command that erases the minibuffer. I use `M-S-backspace'.)
    > [etc/NEWS]
    >     ** New command `kill-whole-line' kills an entire line at once. By
    >     default, it is bound to C-S-<backspace>.

    BTW, this is a potentially dangerous binding, as I learned to my dismay:

    Because there are many common C-M- ... bindings in Emacs and my
    fingers are very used to hitting C-M- (whereas C-S- bindings are very
    rare), when I decided to try this new binding, I reflexively hit
    C-M-bs by mistake ... and C-M-bs is a special key-sequence that _kills
    the X server_!  Ouch!!

    I suspect more than a few people will do the same thing...

Sounds like maybe `C-M-bs' is the dangerous binding. Why would such a
command be bound to a key at all? Or are you perhaps referring not to an
Emacs key binding but to something that Emacs never sees, as in Control +
Alt + Delete on Windows?

BTW, how do you type `C-M-bs'? Is `bs' here <backspace>? When I try Control
+ Meta + the Backspace key in emacs -q on Windows, at least, it says

FWIW, in my own customization, I have `C-M-DEL' (Backspace) bound globally
(all modes) to `backward-kill-sexp'.

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