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Re: Why can I not receive mail from this list

From: Kevin Gallagher
Subject: Re: Why can I not receive mail from this list
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 13:05:02 -0600

From: "Stefan Monnier" <address@hidden>:
The FSF mailer seems to regularly be mistakenly added to some blacklist
(spamcop IIRC).  This happened again a few days ago.
I wish they had a whitelist as well.

I'm sure this is happening because some criminals regularly use mailing lists to send out fraudulent mail and the FSF lists are no exception. Since signing on to several Emacs mailing lists, I periodically receive fraudulent notices about various problems with accounts I supposedly have with Ebay, PayPal, and quite a few banks. Each claims that there is a problem with my account and I should click on a link to deal with it. The bogus links in these messages typically redirect the unsuspecting person to a web page where the criminals try to steal personal information, account numbers, and passwords.

It's not a daily occurrence, but it happens often enough to be a real problem for unmoderated mailing lists and unsuspecting readers of those lists, nevertheless. Each time I have received one of these suspect mail messages, I always examine the full mail header. Since signing up for the Emacs mailing lists, every one of these fraudulent notices sent to me has come by way of one of the Emacs mailing lists.

All it takes is for one unsuspecting person to get burned and to report it. Then, seeing that a number of these are being sent through FSF lists, the site admin takes an easy path and blocks all mail from those lists and reports his findings to one or more of the blacklist sites. To prevent this from happening in the future, the administrator of the FSF lists may have no alternative but to take some defensive measures and put into place a filter that blocks the distribution of known fraudulent messages.

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