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Re: is the calendar broken?

From: Ed Reingold
Subject: Re: is the calendar broken?
Date: Sat, 04 Mar 2006 22:05:30 -0600

> > If you want holidays from specific lists, you need to give a value for L.
> What value is that?  That is, what list should one use in that case?
> (I think this should be reflected in the doc string.)

The documentation says:

  The optional list of holidays L defaults to `calendar-holidays'.  See the
  documentation for that variable for a description of holiday lists.

calendar-holidays is the (global) list of holidays that the calendar knows 
about.  That is set when the calendar code is loaded and is not dynamic (in 
the sense that, although the list is formed from pieces such as 
general-holidays, hebrew-holidays, etc, it is done once at loading, not every 
time the list is used).

Making it dynamic is certainly possible, but it is not clear that it's 

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