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New GNOME icons

From: Bill Wohler
Subject: New GNOME icons
Date: Mon, 06 Mar 2006 16:18:12 -0800

The Gnus team have updated their icons from GNOME 2.6. Previously, all
of their images were in the etc/images/gnus directory. We (the Gnus and
MH-E teams) have worked together to share more of these images to
provide a more unified user experience. That means that a number of
those images will move from the Gnus sub-directory and move into the
top-level etc/images directory or mail sub-directory where they will
also be available to other Emacs developers.

I've enclosed the Gnus README which documents the icons we propose to
update or add to the Emacs CVS repository. The GNOME names are in
parenthesis. If you would like to comment on these before we check them
in, please do!

        ----- README follows -----
The following icons are from GNOME 2.6:

    attach.xpm (stock_attach)
    connect.xpm (stock_connect)
    contact.xpm (stock_contact)
    delete.xpm (stock_delete)
    describe.xpm (stock_properties)
    disconnect.xpm (stock_disconnect)
    exit.xpm (stock_exit)
    lock-broken.xpm (stock_lock_broken)
    lock-ok.xpm (stock_lock_ok)
    lock.xpm (stock_lock)
    next-page.xpm (stock_next-page)
    refresh.xpm (stock_refresh)
    sort-ascending (stock_sort-ascending)
    sort-column-ascending (stock_sort-column-ascending)
    sort-criteria (stock_sort-criteria)
    sort-descending (stock_sort-descending)
    sort-row-ascending (stock_sort-row-ascending)

    gnus/toggle-subscription.xpm (stock_task-recurring)

    mail/compose.xpm (stock_mail-compose)
    mail/copy.xpm (stock_mail-copy)
    mail/forward.xpm (stock_mail-forward)
    mail/inbox.xpm (stock_inbox)
    mail/move.xpm (stock_mail-move)
    mail/not-spam.xpm (stock_not-spam)
    mail/outbox.xpm (stock_outbox)
    mail/reply-all.xpm (stock_mail-reply-to-all)
    mail/reply.xpm (stock_mail-reply)
    mail/save-draft.xpm (stock_mail-handling)
    mail/send.xpm (stock_mail-send)
    mail/spam.xpm (stock_spam)

The following icons were contributed by Adam Sj√łgren <address@hidden>:

    mail/preview.xpm (combining stock_mail and stock_zoom)
    mail/save.xpm    (combining stock_mail, stock_save and stock_convert) 

The following icon is from AUCTeX:

    separator.xpm (sep.xpm)

The folling icon are duplicated from Emacs 22.  They are either not present in
Emacs 21 or look different there.


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