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Re: MH-E manual update

From: Bill Wohler
Subject: Re: MH-E manual update
Date: Mon, 06 Mar 2006 17:29:49 -0800
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I am pleased to announce that I've just moved the primary CVS
repository of the MH-E manual from SourceForge to Savannah (this had
been done for the source a while ago). This action updated the
existing, ancient, Edition 1.3 of the manual for MH-E 5.0.2, to
version 7.93 corresponding with MH-E 7.93, the fourth 8.0 beta.

I'd appreciate it if someone could take a quick look and ensure it
(man/mh-e.texi) meets Emacs' standards. It does produce wonderful HTML
and PDF output (see http://mh-e.sourceforge.net/manual/) and compiles
without error or overfull hboxes. It also went from 63 to 140 pages
(US Letter).

Bill Wohler <address@hidden>  http://www.newt.com/wohler/  GnuPG ID:610BD9AD
Maintainer of comp.mail.mh FAQ and MH-E. Vote Libertarian!
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