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Re: address@hidden: just try once to create ~/.emacs.d]

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Re: address@hidden: just try once to create ~/.emacs.d]
Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2006 07:37:15 +0800

Odd, sometimes I can reproduce this, minutes later I can't.
today. But user nobody should have no way to write things to change
the state of the system, except in /tmp. And ii didn't write there.
emacs -q didn't reproduce it, but then -q or not, sometime didn't
reproduce it.  Anyway, it takes about a minute to show up, ^X^B will
show the *Messages* buffer grown.  -q shouldn't matter as ~/nobody has
no .emacs as it is /.

$ strings /usr/bin/emacs21-x shows

$ apt-cache policy emacs21
  Installed: 21.4a-3

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