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Q: using emacs in LG3D (a 3D Desktop)

From: Amir Bukhari
Subject: Q: using emacs in LG3D (a 3D Desktop)
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2006 08:57:03 +0100

we in LG3D (Project Looking glass 3D) trying to build a 3d Desktop by using 
Composite Extension. we want to resolve all problem we encoured when using 
emacs with Lg3D.
I will describe the issue like following:
when opening emacs and click with mouse on a menu (For example File Menu), a
popup menu appear under File Menu. now 
we move the mouse pointer to other menu (in menubar) when mouse over one of 
them, a popup window appear but on the old possition (under File Menu also)
of the first opened 
it is not an issue in emacs, but rather in LG3D, because emacs works fine in

other window manager or without WM.
to fix this issue I need to know how emacs create menu, does it grab 
(pointer) during a popup menu is opened!
any help will be apreciated!

looking to the code of emacs will not help because I don't know how it is 


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