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Re: Wrong fix?

From: Károly Lőrentey
Subject: Re: Wrong fix?
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2006 23:52:02 +0100
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Richard Stallman <address@hidden> writes:
>     +#if 0 /* x_get_arg removes the visibility parameter as a side effect,
>     +         but x_create_frame still needs it.  */
>        /* Start up iconic or window? */
>        x_wm_set_window_state
>        (f, (EQ (x_get_arg (dpyinfo, parms, Qvisibility, 0, 0, 
>                Qicon)
>            ? IconicState
>            : NormalState));
>     +#endif
> That seems like the wrong fix to me.  If the goal is simply
> to prevent x_get_arg from clearing out the parameter,
> then this goes too far--it also prevents the parameter from being used
> for calling x_wm_set_window_state.

I chose the easier path of disabling the call because `x_create_frame'
sets the WM hints later anyway, by calling `x_iconify_frame' or
`x_make_frame_visible'.  I did not find any reason to call
`x_wm_set_window_state' twice, but if people know of such a reason, I
will implement a better fix.

(The patch was committed to get rid of the annoying flicker 
while creating an invisible frame:)

         (make-frame '((visibility . nil)))


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